Here are some common questions about our international medical insurance plans. If you can’t find the information you need, please contact us and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

NOTE: All of the below information must be read in conjunction with your policy documents and IPH Terms & Conditions.


1. Will I need to complete a physical medical examination to apply?

No, we do not require this. We only ask that on our Supreme or Elite application forms you fill in section 4 “Medical History and General Questions” accurately and in as much detail as possible. If you have dependants, their medical details must be provided in this section as well.


2. Am I eligible for cover?
We welcome anyone to apply for our health insurance cover, both expats and local nationals. Please note that we are currently unable to offer coverage to any residents of the USA or Canada.


3. Who can I add as a dependant to my policy?
You can add your spouse, children under 18 years old, or children under 26 years old who are still in full-time education (proof required). Please note that these families and couples can apply together under one form. Otherwise, we require one application form per adult above the age of 18.


Click here for our Supreme plan application form.
Click here for our Elite plan (residents of Asia) application form.


4. How can I pay for my policy?
We accept credit/debit cards, or bank transfer payments. You can choose to pay in full, two semi-annual payments or four quarterly payments.


Our plans are available in US Dollars, Pound Sterling and Euros. Please contact us if you would like a Pound Sterling or Euro healthcare plan.


5. What happens if I want to cancel my policy?
You have a 14 days cooling off period from the date you receive the policy documentation to review your benefits. Within this period you can cancel your policy and be refunded any payments received, free of charge.


If you decide to cancel after this period and no claims were made, we will arrange a pro-rata refund of premium paid minus an administration fee. Please find further details on the Plan Overview or policy documents.


6. Who do I contact if I am not satisfied about my policy or the service?
We hope that we always provide our customers with the best care. But if you are unhappy with anything, please feel free to contact us and we will do our upmost to get it right. Please email us at or alternatively, call us on 020 8905 2888.


7. I’m an expat. What happens to my policy when I return to my home country?
If you are returning home for a short period, then you will be covered.

If you are returning home permanently, please inform us of your new residential address in case this affects your terms of cover.


For USA or Canadian nationals who return to their home countries for a period of more than 3 months, your cover will cease with effect from the date of your return.


8. How are your plans underwritten? Moratorium, medical history disregarded or full medical underwriting?

In order to help our clients keep their prices low, our healthcare plans are fully medically underwritten, meaning pre-existing conditions will not be covered when you apply. Depending on your circumstances, we could review these exclusions upon renewal.


We also offer medical history disregarded (MHD) underwriting for groups depending on size and history. Please contact us for a quotation about this.


9. Do you cover physiotherapy?
Yes, provided that it is medically necessary and is recommended by a qualified physician.

10. Do you cover chronic illnesses?
Yes, subject to your terms of cover.


11. Am I covered if I get injured in a terrorist attack?
Yes as long as you were an innocent bystander not taking part in the action, and except where the attack involved nuclear, chemical, or biological agents.


12. Does IPH provide other types of insurance?
Beyond private medical insurance and personal accident / income protection insurance, IPH also has a strong operation in the UK General Insurance market, offering the following:

13. How do I know that a treatment will be covered and how do I arrange treatment?

Please read your policy documents carefully to determine what treatment is covered. Generally applicable treatments and services must be deemed medically necessary by a physician or surgeon in order for us to cover them.




There are different processes depending on whether your treatment is done as an out-patient, requires you to be admitted into hospital, or if you require emergency medical evacuation. Please see our How to Claim page for the full process.

14. How will my medical costs be paid?
In-patient claims will be settled directly by our Medical Assistance Centre, subject to any deductibles on your policy. Out-patient claims will be reimbursed by ICMS in the currency of your plan. If requested, we will do our best to reimburse you in another currency.

15. Which doctors or hospitals can I seek treatment from?
You can choose your own doctors or hospitals, as long as they are licensed and recognised by the law of the country.

16. What can I do to reduce my premium? Do you offer an excess or deductible?
If you’d like to reduce the cost of your health insurance policy, you can choose from the following deductibles to receive a discount off your premium:

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