Hertfordshire event highlights government support for Britain’s Chinese entrepreneurs

Hertfordshire event highlights government support for Britain’s Chinese entrepreneurs


Local authorities hope to nurture a better relationship with Chinese businesses

An event promoting and encouraging Chinese businesses in the UK will take place at the Watford branch of Imperial China on Tuesday 30 April.

The event will be hosted jointly by the Hertsmere county council, IPH Insurance and Hertfordshire Equality Council.

The Chinese business event in Hertfordshire will highlight issues that Chinese businesses can seek help with, including protection from crime, emergency and accident procedures, and how Chinese businesses can be more environmentally friendly.

IPH Insurance’s chairman and chief executive officer Peter Wong-Morrow said: “This is one of the most significant developments for the Chinese business community in Hertfordshire. The Chinese community has a good economy and thriving business sector.

“For too long the Chinese business community has been operating in isolation and we now need to embrace the support available so that we can survive and grow.

“I want to encourage all Chinese businesses in Hertfordshire to take advantage of this event.”

Special guests will include the chief executive officer for the Community Development Agency for Hertfordshire Kate Belinis, and chief fire officer at Hertfordshire county council Roy Wilsher.

About the upcoming event, Wilsher said: “As well as highlighting the help on offer, we hope this event will establish an ongoing relationship with those attending, increase the number of businesses contacting us for regulatory advice, improve levels of compliance with legislation and in the long-term help create more resilient businesses.”

Hertfordshire’s Chinese Business Event will be free to attend. To RSVP, please email info@iphinsurance.com or call 020 8905 2888. Free parking will be provided at the venue Imperial China Watford.


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